Green Energy Futures: Biomass a missing link for Canada’s future sustainable economy

News for the BSCR Standards

“There are an estimated 120 million tonnes of waste and residue biomass in Canada right now — waste that could form the cornerstone of a green COVID-19 recovery effort that fights climate change by building the sustainable economy we need.

So says Jordan Solomon, President of Ecostrat, a Canadian company that sources and supplies biomass and helps businesses understand the potential of this “waste” as a valuable resource.”

Green Energy Futures recently highlighted Ecostrat’s role in the continued development of Canada’s bioeconomy; including our creation of the Biomass Supply Chain Risk Standards and the Bioeconomy Development Zone initiative; both of which could play an important part in a sustainable economic recovery for Canada post-COVID.

“With standards coming, Ecostrat is working on the development of Bioeconomy Development Zones to focus attention on secure supplies of biomass and to create centers of biomass development.

It’s also part of the answer of bringing market credibility to the biomass industry.

‘This program has the means of harnessing that 100 million tonnes of biomass and putting it together with our biomass supply chain risk standards, to designate zones that are low risk and can attract new bioeconomy development — new plants that could employ people and that can produce new economy products like biofuels, biochemicals, and bioenergy,’ says Solomon.”

Check out the article HERE to find out more about these initiatives and to hear Jordan’s appearance on the Green Energy Futures podcast.


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