Our Biomass Supply Network® is the largest database of biomass supplier and market intelligence in North America. The BSN enables us to provide real understanding and unmatched accuracy in determining biomass availability and pricing.

The Biomass Supply Network®

After 20 years and 5 million tons of real procurement experience, our philosophy is that the most accurate understanding of biomass availability and price come from primary data: actual feedback from suppliers and buyers (markets).

With unparalleled depth of qualified data sourced directly from suppliers and buyers across North America, the Biomass Supply Network® is the largest database of its kind, and gives Ecostrat a unique expertise and the unique ability to react to demands anywhere on the continent.

The BSN is the result of over 12 years of collecting, consolidating, and parsing of raw source data from point sources of and markets for pulpwood, chips, forest residues and post-industrial wood and the largest aggregation of organic feedstock supply in the US and Canada.

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