Sourcing quality supply of wood fiber and organic feedstock can be time-consuming and difficult. We make it easy, wherever you are. Ecostrat provides consistent and high quality biomass feedstock under bankable, long term contracts within North America and around the globe.

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    With over 20 years’ experience, the largest network of wood fiber and organic supply within North America, and an international logistics network, we can reliably deliver across the US and Canada. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

  • Service 1

    We deliver by truck and rail within North America and in shipload quantities internationally. Our vast reach makes us an ideal choice for customers that require wood fuel, wood fiber or organics at multiple locations.

Our Products

  • Organics

    Obtaining organic feedstock is a challenge for most biogas projects. We can help. We are the only company to handle, aggregate and supply organic substrates and feedstock across North America.

    With hundreds of markets and thousands of sources of supply in our Biomass Supply Network® we provide long-term, reliable supply to anaerobic digesters, bio-ethanol, composters, feed and land application markets. We also help generators decrease costs and increase revenues for solid and liquid organic waste.

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      Liquid Organic Substrates

      We are suppliers of high quality FOG, DAF Float, WAS, Liquid Whey and other liquid organic substrates. Our network of 6,000, 8,000, and 10,000 gallon and jumbo tankers can provide reliable pick-up and consistent delivery.

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      Solid Organic

      We pick up and deliver solid organic waste streams including DAF cake, dewatered organic sludge, and other food processing waste streams in 20 yd, 40 yd roll-off containers and compactors.

  • Wood Fuel

    All our wood fuels are manufactured and blended to the customer’s requirements.

    We control every part of the supply chain of our products. From specifying the feedstocks, to installing grinders, buying loading equipment, transport trailers or setting up fuel blending yards, we ensure the highest quality wood biofuel delivered on time, every time.

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      Post-Industrial Wood Fuel

      Our Post-Industrial fuel is a top quality clean burning product manufactured from clean dimensional lumber and clean industrial wood by-products (such as pallet, truss and flooring manufacture).

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      Composite Wood Fuel

      Composite Fuel is manufactured from post-industrial and C&D wood including particle board, medium density fiberboard, chipboard, and plywood. We can custom blend composite fuel to achieve a target cost per gigajoule.

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      Green Virgin Wood Fuel

      Our Virgin Wood fuel is a clean burning product sourced from sustainably harvested forest stock, land clearing and lumber mills. Our virgin fuel product line includes whole tree chips, ground forest residuals, bark and sawdust.

  • Wood Chips

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      Our wood chips are ideal for the manufacture of particleboard, MDF and paper pulp. We supply hardwood and softwood chips, whole tree and mill residuals with bark or debarked. Leading companies like Weyerhaeuser, Georgia Pacific and Tembec rely on us for their woodchip needs.

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      All our wood chips are derived from sustainable harvesting of forest stock. Chipping and debarking is done in the forest or at the mill. We can meet any sizing and quality specification. To ensure the highest quality, our wood chips are regularly tested per ASTM standards for moisture, sizing, bark content, rot, and ash content. Homogeneity of feedstock and consistency of our end-product are our highest priorities.

  • Other Biomass Products

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      Absorbents and Solidification Media

      Our wood solidification media are used for inexpensive dewatering and densification of sludge and other liquid waste. Our media are delivered by bulk in live-bottom trailers and can absorb more than 3x their weight in liquid. They are safe and environmentally-friendly recycled products classified as non-hazardous and biodegradable.

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      We supply raw bark, and single and double ground finished wood mulch to wholesale coloring and bagging operations. We can deliver by barge or in live-bottom trailers.

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      Log Export

      With offices in Toronto and China, and export operations located in Savannah Georgia, we are extremely well-positioned to respond to demand for log exports to China, India and the Middle East.

      The bulk of our product is Southern Yellow Pine. Predominant SED is 20CM and 27CM. However, we purchase a wide range of sizes including SED 30CM+ according to customer needs. Standard lengths are net 5.8M and 11.8M.

Phone: 1-855-968-8884