Ashleigh Ooi

Head of Special Projects, Biomass Advisory Group

Ashleigh Ooi is Head of Special Projects in Ecostrat’s Biomass Advisory Group. Her focus is on the development of the Canadian and US Biomass Supply Chain Risk Standards and its associated Risk Ratings System, as well as progressing new practical applications of the methodology, specifically to designate Bioeconomy Development Zones and Bioeconomy Development Opportunity Zones. Ashleigh also manages all committees relating to the BSCR Standards, is a member of the technical team responsible for the Risk Quantification Methodology, and leads development for the BSCR Standards website and related promotional content.

Prior to joining Ecostrat, Ashleigh worked at Natural Resources Canada under the Canadian Forest Service, supporting multiple projects focused on sustainable forest management. Her main research involved studying the impacts of pesticides on ecosystem health within managed boreal forests.

Ashleigh holds an Honours BSc in Environmental Science with specialization in biodiversity and conservation from the University of Ottawa and a Master’s degree in Environmental Science from the University of Guelph.

Phone: 1-855-968-8884