John-Paul Iamonaco

Senior Project Manager, Biomass Advisory Group

John-Paul (JP) Iamonaco is a Senior Project Manager in Ecostrat’s Biomass Advisory Group. He coordinates and leads biomass supply assessments, market intelligence studies, due diligence and feedstock related risk assessments for clients across North America. JP has been with Ecostrat for over half a decade and has successfully delivered hundreds of biomass supply and risk assessments to facilitate financing for both small and large biomass power, biogas, biofuel and biochemical projects. He specializes in the generation, transportation and procurement of forest residues, agricultural by-products and various types of liquid and solid food waste.

JP brings more than ten years of interdisciplinary industry experience in the fields of engineering, environmental sciences, sustainability and renewable energy. His areas of expertise include stakeholder engagement, communications and data analytics. With respect to analytics, JP has considerable experience conducting statistical reconstructions, exploratory analyses and quantitative modelling of multi-variate data to identify historical trends and make predictive forecasts with respect to feedstock generation, availability and pricing. JP has also helped to develop best in class statistical models and transformative functions to estimate organic waste generation from various industrial and commercial sectors.

JP holds an H.B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Earth & Environmental Sciences from the University of Toronto, where his research focused on environmental impacts of climate change in Northern Canada.

Phone: 1-855-968-8884