Marcin Lewandowski

Director of Analytics and Risk, Biomass Advisory Group

Marcin Lewandowski is Ecostrat’s Director of Analytics and Risk. He leads a team of supply chain data analysts and scenario modelers conducting primary research and high-level analysis for biomass supply risk and investment due diligence assessments in the biochemical, biofuel, pellet, biomass-to-power, and biogas industries.

Marcin conducts biomass supply risk assessments using variety of methods ranging from forest yield modeling and growth-to-drain analysis, to biomass price forecasting and Monte Carlo methods. He oversees and directs GIS-based analyses, such as competition impact assessments, transportation cost analysis, and location optimization.

In addition to quantitative analysis, Marcin manages the gathering biomass market intelligence. The teams gather supply, markets and risk data suppliers and buyers of biomass across North America on a daily basis, collecting insights into the market in various localities of the continent. Years of research has provided Marcin with a deep understanding of the intricacies and complexities of biomass supply chains, including supplier habits and preferences, buyer tactics and strategies, and the role of biomass specs and price in supply chain behavior.

Marcin completed BA of Geographic Analysis at Ryerson University specializing in geographic information systems (GIS) and satellite data analysis and modelling, in the context of forest resource management. Shortly after, Marcin completed Masters of Forest Conservation at University of Toronto, specializing in forestry operations decision support tools and quantitative analysis of forest restoration. Marcin has a Masters of Disaster and Emergency Management from York University, where he developed an agent-based simulation of timber supply chain in Ontario. The model is used to assess risk of wood fiber inventory shortage from a perspective of an entire supply chain.

Phone: 1-855-968-8884