Ecostrat is Biomass Supply Chain Intelligence.
Real biomass supply experience, better source data, and our powerful Biomass Supply Chain Analytics® make us a recognized leader in providing actionable insight at every project stage.

The Recognized Industry Standard

An Ecostrat report is a recognized industry standard for accuracy, insight and excellence. Our reports are trusted by leading developers, lenders and investors.

Better Data & Real Experience

Our team of biomass supply chain experts, leveraging our deep experience supplying biomass and supported by our Biomass Supply Network® deliver accurate real-world, actionable results as opposed to theoretical conclusions on supply, pricing, competition and risk.

Powerful Supply Chain Analytics

Our suite of powerful Biomass Supply Chain Analytics® enable us to deliver unique insight into material flows, market dynamics, current and future feedstock cost, supply chain risks, and strategies to mitigate risk.

  • Site Identification Services

    An Ecostrat Site Identification Study leverages in-house, point source biomass availability and price data from our Biomass Supply Network® 3rd party datasets, and our Biomass Supply Chain Analytics (i.e. gravity modeling, GIS modeling, heat mapping, network analysis.) to deliver meaningful direction on optimal site locations.


    Client’s Need:
    To understand pulpwood supply conditions across North America and determine sites amenable to new project development from a feedstock supply perspective.

    A composite geospatial (“heat map”) analysis based on multiple feedstock supply criteria (i.e. availability, price, competition, etc.) utilizing GIS-based data rendering and modeling.


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  • Biomass Supply Assessments

    Once a site is chosen, we can help you get clear on biomass availability, competition, pricing, and risk in your project’s supply basin. From high-level views, to comprehensive due diligence for project financing, we have the data and analytics to deliver the answers you need.

    Our Biomass Supply Assessment deliverables can include:

    • Analysis of biomass generation
    • Analysis of biomass availability
    • “Project Available” Biomass
    • Biomass Supply Curves
    • Analysis of existing competing markets
    • Biomass availability and demand modelling
    • Gravity modelling
    • Risk assessment
    • Policy assessment
    • Supply Chain Simulation and Price Forecasting


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  • Project Financing Services and Due Diligence

    Ecostrat is an industry leader in supply chain due diligence for project financing. Our reports are used worldwide by lenders and investors to answer critical questions pertaining to biomass availability, price and risk.

    Lack of clarity around feedstock risk is one of the biggest factors preventing bioenergy projects from getting financed today. When debt providers do not have clarity on feedstock risk, that “unknown” is priced into the project debt.

    Ecostrat’s Project Finance Services and Due Diligence Reports have been specifically developed with input from the major rating agencies like S&P, Moody’s and Fitch, debt providers like Deutche Bank, leading biomass investment banks like Stern Brothers, and major insurance companies like Zurich Re. Deliverables are designed for commercial lenders and investors who need reliable, independent 3rd party verification of supply chain data.


    Client’s Need:
    Demonstrate feedstock supply availability, price, and sustainability to potential project investors and lenders.

    Project risk pathways over time with comprehensive analysis utilizing historical and current market dynamics to forecast future market conditions under various demand scenarios.


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  • Feedstock Sourcing Services

    Ecostrat is uniquely positioned to support projects in sourcing biomass. More than two decades and 5 million tons of biomass procurement experience, along with our nationwide Biomass Supply Network®, make us North America’s leading biomass sourcing experts.

    We are experts in supply chain development.
    With the largest network of wood fiber and organic sources of feedstock in North America, we can help locate quality sources of biomass.

    We have a deep, practical understanding of what it takes to establish a reliable, bankable supply chain. We find, negotiate, contract with and manage Class A suppliers of feedstock to create reliable and bankable supply chains. And we do it anywhere in North America.


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  • Supply Chain Optimization

    Supply chain optimization means decreasing feedstock costs and increasing feedstock quality and reliability. For operating plants, managing biomass feedstock costs is essential to the bottom line. Our Supply Chain Optimization program utilizes market data from our Biomass Supply Network® historical purchase data and our suite of Supply Chain Analytics to determine the optimal supplier mix.

  • Market Optimization and Market Studies

    For over 20 years, Ecostrat’s success has been built on our ability to create and access new markets for biomass. From construction and demolition wood, sawdust, wood pellets and chips to DAF, WAS and other organic food wastes, we are experts in finding the highest value markets for all types of biomass. Let us support you in accessing the very best markets for your organic or woody biomass by-products.

    Client’s Need:
    Find viable markets for DAF and Organic Permeate in NY state. Compare and rank offtake options for price, proximity and reliability.

    Use Ecostrat internal markets database. Increase granularity and accuracy through local databases and on-the-ground feedback from local experts. Rank local markets basis ability to handle additional volume and price. Cost out transport to various markets. Present client with “top-10” markets.


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