Bulk Wood Chip Supply

Sourcing quality supply of wood fiber can be time-consuming and difficult.

We make it easy, wherever you are.

Ecostrat provides consistent and high-quality wood chip supply anywhere in the US and Canada.
Minimum Qty: 40 tons/month

Bulk Wood Chip Supply

20 years’ experience. More than 1,000 sources of contracted quality supply. Reliable nationwide delivery of more than 500,000 tons of wood fiber each year. This is why customers across US and Canada trust Ecostrat for their wood chip supply.

We supply top quality bulk woodchips at competitive prices: hardwood and softwood, whole tree and mill residual chip with bark or debarked. Homogeneity and consistency are our highest priorities.


Count on our nationwide fleet of walking floor trailers, chip vans and dump trailers for bulk delivery of your wood chips.


We’ve got you covered. We deliver bulk chips to most destinations in 50 US states and Canada.

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We provide reliable delivery to your facility in every state in the US and across Canada. Wherever you are, we’ve got you covered.

Minimum quantity: 200 cubic yards or 40 tons/month

Free Trial Truckload for qualifying customers.

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