Press Release: Biomass Risk Standards Open Door to Canadian Bio-Economy Investment

News for the BSCR Standards

Canada may soon see a boost in bio-economy projects with the release of a new collection of biomass investment standards. The standards are set to clear the way for investor confidence in Canada’s diverse and abundant feedstock by providing a better means to quantify biomass feedstock risk and de-risk investment. The Biomass Supply Chain Risk (BSCR) industry standards developed by Ecostrat, a feedstock supply group, has been released in conjunction with September’s National Forest Week. Working with the Standards Council of Canada (SCC), these standards will also be published as a National Standard of Canada in early 2021.

Biomass is organic material such as wood, plants, and waste from food crops which can be used for energy production or industrial processes. Until now, concerns of securing a steady, price-stable and quality-based biomass feedstock supply has created investment barriers for bio-based development projects. The new BSCR Standards enable capital markets to more accurately quantify bio-feedstock risk, reduce the level of uncertainty that is currently a significant driver of low bio-project credit ratings, and unlock significant development potential in the bio-economy.

“Communities, families and individuals depend on forests for their livelihood and way of life,” said Jordan Solomon, CEO of Ecostrat. “Especially as the economy recovers, it is essential that we take strong action to create new and sustainable markets for Canada’s forest resources.”  

By better quantifying supply chain risk across bio-based industries, the benefits will drive investment in Canadian bioenergy, advanced biofuels, bio-based heat and power, bio-materials, and clean hydrogen production.

“These new standards represent current state-of-the-science for quantifying biomass supply chain risk,” said Solomon. “By integrating these BSCR Standards into tools used by the financial markets to de-risk investments, we are paving the way to a lucrative future for Canada’s bio-economy sector.”

The digital version of the industry BSCR Standards can be viewed here; a hardcopy can be downloaded by clicking the report image found here.

The BSCR Standards align with the Canadian government’s clean growth agenda, the goals and recommendations of the federal government’s Expert Panel on Sustainable Finance, Bioindustrial Innovation Canada’s National Bioeconomy Strategy for Forestry and Agriculture, with ECCC’s Cost-Benefit Analysis Framework for the Clean Fuel Standard, the Final Report from the Task Force for a Resilient Recovery: Bridge to the Future and the clean energy objectives of the Speech from the Throne.

About Ecostrat:

Ecostrat’s feedstock supply group has over 20 years experience in sourcing and supplying over 5 million tons of biomass for markets across North America. Our Advisory group combines the BSCR Standards with powerful predictive analytics to understand and minimize supply chain risk. Our reports are the industry standard for biomass project developers and investors.

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